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IPL device

  • What is it and how does it work? IPL stands for intense pulsed light. When in use the light energy produced is absorbed by the melanin in the hair down to the root. It then turns to heat and destroys the hair follicle disabling the hair to grow

  • Is it safe? Yes IPL technology is considered safe

  • Can all skin types use it? No, not everyone is suitable. Some darker skin types are not suitable as the skin contains too much melanin and can cause damage to the skin. Fitzpatrick skin type 6 should not used this device

  • Is it painful? You will feel a sensation of heat and flicking but it is not painful as such

  • Do I need to wear eye protection? No, eye protection isn’t necessary while using the device. Our IPL devices are fitted with a sensor and will not produce light unless the window is pressed flush against the skin.

  • When will I start to see results? 3-4 months. Results will vary and we suggest using the device for 12 months for maximum results

  • Can I use it on my skin over fake tan or a tattoo? NO. please do not use the device over fake tan or tattoos. The light will be attracted to the darker pigment and cause damage to your skin

  • How often and how do I use it? We recommend using the device once a week for the first 12 weeks (1-3 times over each area per session) After this period use the device once a month, for 3 months. To maintain, use the device once every 2 to 3 months, or as needed.

  • How long will the device last for? The device has up to 500,000 flashes. It should last you 10 + years

  • Do I have to shave before I use it? Yes! Please shave the areas before using the device. Make sure not to wax or pluck as the hair root needs to be in the skin in order for the light pulses to destroy the hair

  • Where on my body can I use it? You can use the device on your entire body just please if using on the face do not get too close to your eyes

  • Does it need replacement lights? Not at all

  • Can I use it whilst pregnant? There is no evidence of any harmful effects of IPL whilst pregnant but we don’t recommend it

  • What are the after treatment precautions I should follow? No sun directly after a treatment for 24-48 hours and moisturise with a natural lotion to sooth the area


Contour x gua sha

  • What is it and how does it work? The gua sha is an old traditional Chinese healing method used to stroke the skin whilst applying pressure. This motion is a natural alternative therapy that improves circulation, promotes collagen, reduces inflammation reduces fine line, wrinkles and much more

  • Why isn’t it heating up as much anymore? The gua sha device will need to be charged if youre experiencing a lower heat temperature whilst in use

  • How often do I use it? For best results, we recommend using the device everyday for the first 6-8 weeks. Session times can vary from 10-20 minutes depending on your personal preference. Usage times are best in the morning and evenings

  • Where on the body can it be used? The device is designed to be used on the face, neck, shoulders, arms and legs

  • Is it safe to use whilst pregnant? Gua sha therapy is considered safe to use whilst pregnant but we suggest consulting your doctor first before using the device

  • How do I use it? Clean your face and apply your serums ect. Once the device it turned on, place it over your cheek bone, apply a firm amount of pressure and glide outwards. Repeat this motion on each side of your face on the hot then cold mode

  • Why is it flashing? The device will flash after 5 minutes of use. if you wish to keep using the device, simply press the button and it will resume its mode. The device will also turn itself off after it has been flashing for 1 minute


Foaming facial cleanser

  • How does it work? The auto foaming brush works by intensely mixing your cleanser and a small amount of water together to create a cream like foam

  • Can I use any cleanser in it? Yes you can!

  • Is it waterproof? Yes! This device is waterproof and perfectly safe to be kept and used in the shower

  • Do I have to clean it out after each use? yes we recommend you give it a rinse out after each use to keep it hygienic

  • How often do I need to charge it? It will tell you! Once the battery is low the device will pulse 5 times during use to let you know. Always dry off the device thoroughly before charging. Lights will illuminate when the device is plugged in. Once it is fully charged the lights will turn off automatically. The device will last weeks without needing to be recharged

  • Why is it turning off automatically? The brush will automatically turn itself off after 3 minutes of use to save power

  • What do the buttons mean? M button will turn the device on. Pushing this button twice will engage the vibrating mode also. The L button will intensify the vibration level


LED light therapy mask

  • How do I use it? Depending on your skin concerns, choose the light that will work best for you, set the timer, lay back and enjoy

  • How often do I use it? For best results use the mask for 15minute every day

  • Do I need to wear eye protection? No but please keep your eyes closed during the treatment

  • Can it be use whilst pregnant? We recommend consulting your doctor

 Deluxe facial cleansing brush

  • How do I use it? Turn the device on, select your LED mode and apply a small amount of your face cleanser and water. Turn on the sonic vibrations and gently massage your face with the soft silicone bristles

  • Is it waterproof? Yes it is!

  • How often do I need to charge it? The device at full charge should last up to 6 weeks