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Salon treatments too exy??

Girl i feel you! Our at home beauty range was made with you in mind. Discover unique devices without the hefty price tag that actually work! Your skin and confidence will thank you for it


Busy, tired Mum?

Self love is SO important. Don't forget about yourself caring for others. Try our Gua Sha for a 3 in 1 skin treatment that only takes 5 minutes a day. This is our BEST SELLING beauty tool


Take care of the skiin you're in!

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The gua sha is an old traditional Chinese healing method used to stoke the skin whilst applying pressure. This motion is a natural alternative therapy that improves circulation, promotes collagen, reduces inflammation reduces fine line, wrinkles and much more

The auto foaming brush works by intensely mixing your cleanser and a small amount of water together to create a cream like foam

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. When in use the light energy produced is absorbed by the melanin in the hair down to the root. It then turns to heat and destroys the hair follicle disabling the hair to grow

Is it safe? Yes IPL technology is considered safe

Our Story

Hi! My name is Taurie, one half of the founders of skiin beauty co. My partner Nathan and i, are a fun-loving couple from the Gold Coast Aus. What started off as an idea back in 2021 has now led us to a unique range of at home beauty devices that help woman all over have the skin treatments and self love they deserve.

Our mission is to give busy, tired, or time poor woman the opportunity to keep up their skin care regime to achieve incredible results in just 10-20 minutes a day without the luxury price tags or time consuming salon visits. We absolutely love what we have, and we know you will too! Thank you so much for being here and checking out our store. We look forward to having you in our beauty fam